MILT Alumni Association

The graduates of MILT Leadership Course, known as Miltonians, meet once every month, in all the cities MILT operates, to reinforce the skills learnt in the course. These meets are extremely enriching. The participants constantly keep on expanding their comfort zones and confidence.

This is a forum of success-minded individuals who are keen to reach their life goals and touch their excellence.

This form is meant for those whose best is yet to come and who are keen to influence minds and events all around. Each meet is followed by a complimentary dinner.


MILT National Conventions

Miltonians all over the country organize a National Convention once two years in one of the cities MILT operates.

These conventions are scheduled for a continuous four days in one of the grand conventions centers with accommodation facilities. MILT conventions are zero-defect, result-oriented celebrations of evolved minds, enriched intellects and enlightened experiences.

It’s a celebration of togetherness, love and brotherhood amidst continuous growth-oriented exercise and competitions.


The first MILT convention was held in Bangalore in 1980, called 'MILTY 80' followed by 'Love Feast 84' in Calcutta, 'Impact 86' in Madras, ‘Utsav 88’ in Bombay, ‘Sangam 90’ in Bangalore, Darpan 92 in Calcutta, Sankalp 94 in Chennai, Utsarg 96 in Mumbai, Snehagan 98 in Bangalore, ‘Miltennium 2000’ in Kolkata, ‘Satsang 2k2’ in Chennai, Utsah 2k4 in Mumbai, ‘Snehanjali 2006’ in Bengaluru, Confluence 2008 in Kolkata, Inspiration 2k10 in Chennai, Recharge 2012 in Nasik. From the 2013 MILT Conventions were conducted once a year for two continuous days. Starting with Empower 2013 in Kolkata, Enrich 2014 in Bengaluru, Challenge 2015 in Chennai, Joyfest 2016 in Mumbai. Attending one MILT National Convention even as a guest is a never to be forgotten experience.

MILT Satsung

This is a small club of Miltonians who are spiritually inclined. This is generally known as the inner circle of Aporesh Acharya. Satsangis meet regularly every Sunday from 7 am to 8 am. In these meets, commentaries of all religions scriptures are read, explained and discussed. Milt Satsang helps Miltonians evolve through introspection and contemplation. One unidirectional aim of Satsangis is to transcend religion and start a spiritual journey. Satsangis believe that spiritualism gives one confidence and ability to take charge of one’s life completely. One can then ride over the toughest times with ease. One can seize life and squeeze from it all the wonder, joy and fulfilment a ‘human’ being deserves.


MILT Growth Club

Married Miltonians form this Club along with their spouses. The Club members meet once every month in a member’s home. The Club has set objectives for its members to meet in homemaking, family harmony, scientific parenting, social responsibilities and continuous professional growth. The meetings are moderated by the host member and interactive in nature. In short, the Club aims to ensure the growth of the complete personality of its members. Every meet is followed by a complimentary dinner. Each Growth Club is limited to fifteen couple.

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