About Milt Training Foundation:

What does MILT stand for?

MILT was earlier known as McGrath Institute of Leadership Training and now it is known as MILT Training Foundation

When and who founded MILT?

MILT was started in the year 1977 by Mr. Aporesh Acharya, formerly of the Dale Carnegie Associates, USA.

What are the training courses conducted by MILT?

MILT conducts its flagship – MILT Leadership Course in 5 regions – Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai & Pune

Who are the trainers in MILT?

Daniel Jacob, is the only accredited trainer of MILT as of now and has been conducting MILT courses across the 5 regions.


About MILT Leadership Course:

What is MILT Leadership Course?

MILT Leadership Course (MLC) is an intensive Attitudinal Personal Development Trainingprogram on the premise of behavioral science, which trains individuals on the important dimensions of mental, emotional and intellectual dimensions.

What is the key take away from MILT Leadership Course?

MILT Leadership Course (MLC) is an intensive Attitudinal Personal Development.

It is not a functional skills or role specific skills improvement program.

It is meant to

  • sharpen the individual’s attitude and make it success conducive positive attitude
  • sharpens the communication skills of the participants – to ensure better coordination among team members
  • develop interpersonal skills for harmonious function of the team members

MLC develops 4 high performance behaviors in the participant

  1. Ability to think and express
  2. Ability to influence people and situation
  3. Ability to help people achieve excellence
  4. Ability to achieve desired results in one’s area of operation

What is the duration of MLC?

MILT Leadership Course (MLC) is a 14 sessiongenerally conducted each session is for a duration of 3 ½ hours, generally conducted in the evening 6.30 to 10.00 pm, as an open program.

Who can attend MLC?

All progressive-minded adults from all walks of life can undergo and benefit from MLC training.

Is there any limit of participants per batch?

Maximum of 24 participants per batch

Are there any follow-up courses or activities after the completion of MLC?

After the training course the participants become membersand are called as MILTONIANS are eligible to attend the MILT alumni forums that meets once a month to sharpen the skills and re-enforce the learning from the training. Alumni are heldin all the 5 chapters that MILT operates.

A mega gathering of MILTONIANS from 5 regions / chapters gather for a yearly convention to experience growth in a larger platform in each 5 centersMILT operates.

What’s the course fee of MLC?

The course fee will be Rs.26,500/- per participant this year in Bengaluru. The fee will include course material, Hi-tea during the classroom sessions and one gradation dinner.

Is there any discount?

NO, we sell the course on the value and not on price. The value you get is many times more than the price you pay.

Do you give certificates?

Participants who complete MLC successfully, having met the standards set by MILT Training Foundation, will receive a course completion certificate signed by the Founder, Aporesh Acharya and Accredited trainer, Daniel Jacob

Any website or YouTubefor some more inputs?

Website: www.milttrainingfoundation.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=25&v=HHvT4Ybnihs

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/milt.leadership/

How often is MLC conducted?

Only once a year in a region.

What are the other courses offered in MILT?

MILT Leadership Course, Selling Skills course and General Management courses

Is MILT involved in any social projects?

Yes, MILT run a home for destitute children, where destitute, single parent or no parent, children from 2 to 5 years are adopted and educated till they reach 18 years under the guidelines of the government and given homely care like any other middle income family child.

About the Seminar:

To give an insight into the MILT Leadership Course a MILT Leadership Seminar is generally conducted for a duration of 3 hours

What is this seminar?

This is a 3 hourAttitudinal Personal Development Seminar on the premise of behavioral science, conducted by MILT Training Foundation, which explains the important areas an individual needs to develop to achieve professional success and personal happiness.

Where is the seminar held?

This year the seminar is held in Fortune Park JP Celestial, (Opp. SRS Bus Depot) 5/43, Race Course Road, Bengaluru 560009 November 3, Saturday at 6.30pm.

What’s the fee for the seminar?

The fee is Rs.500/- per participant. Tea will be served

How do we pay?

You can pay directly from our website or make a fund transfer or pay by Paytm no. 7397221933. Details are shared in the website itself.

Can we pay on spot?

Due to limitation of seating capacity, it is better to registerin advance. If you find it difficult to pay online then you can confirm by mail or whatsapp and come to venue half-an-hour before the start of the seminar and pay up.

Is there any online registration available?

Fill the enquiry form in the website: www.milttrainingfoundation.com

What is the content that will be covered in the seminar?

It is anAttitudinal Personal Development Seminar some of the important areas the seminar will elaborate the importance of effective communication, developing healthy intra and inter-personal relationships and ways to handle tension and anxiety that is caused due to worry. Please attend the 3 hour seminar to experience firsthand the benefits of the seminar.

Who is conducting the seminar?

The seminar will be conducted by Daniel Jacob, the accredited trainer of MILT with over 2 decades of training experience in the field of behavioural training.

Is this an introduction to some course or is it a seminar?

This is a seminar which helps people understand the important aspects of self-development. At the end of the seminar for about 15 minutes we will introduce the14 session MILT Leadership training course. If you want to implement the learning and develop the skills that was elaborated in the seminar you can enroll for the MILT Leadership Course. If not, the seminar inputs in itself will be useful by means of knowledge acquired from the seminar.

This can be considered as an introductory seminar for the 14 sessions MILT Leadership Course or a seminar, wherein you get good knowledge on Personal Development.

Who can attend the seminar?

Being anAttitudinal Personal Development Seminar all progressive minded individuals / adults (18 years and above) can attend the seminar.

Will you give participation certificate for attending the seminar?

No participation certificate will be given, this is only a seminar for 3 hour.

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