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Upcoming MILT Leadership Courses

City Introductory Date 14 Session Course
Chennai 10 Jan, 2020, 06:30 PM
Vestin Park


MILT Leadership Course (MLC) is a unique training system designed to develop one’s self through a scientific module.


The graduates of MILT Leadership Course, known as Miltonians, meet once every month, in all the cities MILT operates,


MILT runs seven homes for destitute children in four cities. In these homes, the children are brought up exactly the way a normal home,

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MILT Leadership Course

The Brain – a Physiological maza in the human body – is the most sophisticated irreplaceable computer, a natural gift of nature, This anatomical complex is programmable to an extent beyond the realms of imagination.

Milt Social Projects

  • Snehalayas: MILT runs seven homes for destitute children in four cities. In these homes, the children are brought up exactly the way a normal home child is brought up. 
  • MILT Residential School (MRS) is a ‘state-of-the-art’ modern school complex in a picturesque health resort in Simultala, situated between Kolkata and Patna.


  • Mltn. Jagir Singh JabbalMltn. Jagir Singh Jabbal

    Good parenting, a good school, a worthwhile Undergrad School and a Professional Qualification had all contributed to my being well educated


  • Mltn. Sanjay MansukhaniMltn. Sanjay Mansukhani

    One of my clients recommended me to do the MILT course in 2012. I did not want to do it as I was asuccessful trainer myself and had attended much powerful training in life.


  • Mltn.  Uday KareliaMltn. Uday Karelia

    I was an in secured, average and greedy entrepreneur till the time I underwent MILT training in the year 1994. I used to work only for money.


  • Mltn. Sridhar SampathMltn. Sridhar Sampath

    I always had the dream of being on my own, but I never had the courage to take this step until I did the MILT Leadership Course in early 2001.


  • Mltn. P. GaneshMltn. P. Ganesh

    I attended MILT training program in 1998 at Bangalore.That was my first training program experience, it was indeed a‘wow’experience


  • Mltn. KMPS NagpalMltn. KMPS Nagpal

    I did MILT Leadership course when I was 53 years (in year 2005) - one of the oldest in our batch.
    Professionally, MILT sharpened my skills


  • Mltn. Mayur Bhanukumar NayakMltn. Mayur Bhanukumar Nayak

    MILT happened in my life in 1989 when I was just 24 years old. It helped me to fix up the goal of my career and today I feel extremely satisfied in choosing my career in the field of International Taxation.



Our Team…

Mltn: Aporesh Acharya

Founder of MILT.

Mltn. Daniel Jacob

Accredited Trainer

Mltn. Grahadurai

Chairman of Milt Charitable Trust

Mltn.Rama Ramesh Babu

President - Chennai Chapter

Mltn. Seema Kiran

President - Bengaluru Chapter

Mltn. Gaurav Begwani

President - Kolkata Chapter

Mltn. Vikram Pungaliya

President - Pune Chapter

Mltn. Chetan Bhatia

President -Mumbai Chapter

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